Internet Miniature Pinscher Service

IMPS: Adoption Contract

This agreement is made this _________ day of __________ in the year ________, by and between the Internet Miniature Pinscher Service, Inc. (IMPS), P.O. Box 176, Pinellas Park, FL 33780, 1-877-MINPIN1, by and through its representative ___________________________________________, and ___________________________________________, hereinafter referred to as the "Adopter." The term Adopter includes both singular and plural wherever found herein. The laws of the State of Florida shall govern the interpretation of this contract.


The Adopter hereby understands, promises, and agrees that in consideration of the receipt of this dog, that they and each of them forever release, discharge and covenant to hold harmless IMPS and any other person, firm, or organization charged or chargeable with responsibility or liability, their heirs, administrators, executors, successors, and assigns from any and all claims, damages, costs, expenses, loss of services, actions, and causes of action belonging to the said Adopter, or to any other person or entity, arising out of any act or occurrence from the present time and particularly on account of the conduct, actions, adoption and/or recovery by IMPS of the dog identified in paragraph 2.


Dog's Name: _________________________________________________________________

IMPS Tag Number: ___________________________________________________________
REQUIRED [If you don't have an IMPS tag, please contact your Regional Coordinator for details.]

Microchip Brand & Number: ____________________________________________________
(if available)
Sex: Male Female
Color: Black/Tan Black/Rust Red Chocolate
  Stag Red Blue/Tan Choc/Tan Other ______________________

Date of Birth/Approximate Age: ___________________________________
Breed: Miniature Pinscher Other ______________________________________________

hereinafter referred to as "this dog" or "the dog."




IMPS acknowledges receipt of a total donation in the amount of $________________ from the Adopter. IMPS represents that it has incurred veterinary and other rescue expenses specifically allocable to this dog in the amount of $_______________. Copies of receipts specifically allocable to this dog are attached hereto and incorporated herein. Adopter understands and acknowledges that the donation does not represent a fee or a sales price for the dog, but a contribution to defer IMPS rescue expenses both directly and indirectly attributable to the rescue of this and other dogs.

  Total Amount received $________________ (Please make all checks and money orders payable to IMPS, Inc.)
Paid by: Cash     Check #__________________     Money Order     Paypal




IMPS represents that the dog has had vaccinations and heartworm tests on the dates set forth below:





IMPS cannot guarantee the health of any animal. Adopter agrees that IMPS is not responsible for any medical expenses which may be incurred by Adopter on behalf of the dog.

The Adopter understands, acknowledges, and agrees that the dog either has been or must be surgically sterilized [spayed or neutered] unless the dog's age, health, or physical and/or emotional condition dictate that temporary or permanent delay of such surgical procedure is in the dog's best interest. Any decision regarding the existence or continued existence of such a condition will be made solely in the discretion of IMPS, after consultation with a licensed veterinarian who has seen, examined, and evaluated the dog. In addition, any decision regarding whether to spay a female dog after an intentional or accidental breeding will be solely at the discretion of IMPS, after consultation with a licensed veterinarian who has seen, examined, and evaluated the dog.

If the Adopter takes possession of the dog prior to surgical sterilization, the Adopter agrees to cause the mailing of a statement by the veterinarian who performed the surgery to be made to IMPS, Inc., P.O. Box 176, Pinellas Park, FL 33780.

IMPS representative check one of the four options below and initial:
This dog has been surgically sterilized.
Adopter agrees to cause, and pay costs of, sterilization by a licensed veterinarian prior to (date)_____________________.
Adopter agrees to cause, and pay costs of, examination by a licensed veterinarian and reassessment by IMPS of this dog's fitness for surgical sterilization on or about (date)_____________________.
IMPS defers indefinitely its right to require surgical sterilization of this dog, except in the case of a female dog that has been accidentally or intentionally bred, in which case notification of IMPS is required in the manner described in the paragraph below.

If the Adopter has any reason to believe that a female dog has been accidentally or intentionally bred, Adopter agrees to notify IMPS immediately of that fact in the manner specified in paragraph 16.




Adopter represents that the dog's primary veterinarian shall be:

Name and/or Name of Clinic:______________________________________________________


City, State, Zip:________________________________________________________________

Phone Number:____________________________________________________________________

Adopter agrees to notify IMPS in writing at IMPS, Inc., P.O. Box 176, Pinellas Park, FL 33780 if the dog's primary veterinarian changes.


Adopter understands and agrees that IMPS shall have the right to contact ANY veterinarian who has examined and/or treated the dog for the purpose of gaining information regarding any aspect of the dog's health and care, including but not limited to verifying the purchase by Adopter of heartworm preventative and/or ascertaining whether or not the dog has received heartworm tests, fecal examinations, vaccinations and/or any other treatment as required by this contract.

Adopter explicitly authorizes without further notice the release of any information regarding the treatment, training, or other interaction of the dog by or with any animal control officer, law enforcement officer, veterinarian, trainer, groomer, boarder, or any other service provider.

Adopter fully and forever releases any such animal control officer, law enforcement officer, veterinarian, trainer, groomer, boarder, and/or any other service provider, their successors, heirs, and assigns, from liability regarding the release of information to IMPS regarding this dog and/or its care.

Any partial, complete, or attempted revocation of this authorization and/or release of liability shall constitute an immediate breach of this contract.


IMPS represents that the dog is the "sole property" of IMPS. However, Adopter hereby releases forever IMPS from any liability whatsoever due to misrepresentations unknown to IMPS of persons in prior possession of the dog.

IMPS makes no explicit or implicit guarantees regarding the health and/or temperament of the dog and/or whether the dog is housebroken. The dog is adopted "as is" and the Adopter assumes all responsibility for treatment of any and all existing conditions or any other physical, behavioral, or temperamental changes which may occur. IMPS makes no express or implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for any purpose.

Adopter hereby declares that no representations about the temperament and/or condition of the adopted dog, and no representations regarding the nature or extent of legal liability or of financial responsibility have induced the Adopter to sign this contract.




Adopter certifies, warrants, covenants, and agrees that:
(a) Heartworm preventative will be given under veterinary supervision and according to regional veterinary practices.
(b) Adopter agrees to provide the dog adequate, nutritious food, water, and shelter at all times.
(c) Adopter agrees to provide rabies vaccinations as required by law in the state where the dog is domiciled.
(d) Adopter agrees to require the use of isoflurene gas or sevoflurene gas for general anesthesia.
(e) Adopter agrees to refrain from physical and/or emotional abuse of the dog at any time, and shall not otherwise treat the dog in an inhumane manner.
(f) Adopter agrees to prevent any other person, trainer, behaviorist, veterinarian, or veterinary personnel to physically or emotionally abuse the dog at any time or otherwise to treat the dog in an inhumane manner.
(g) Adopter insures that the dog will not wear a pinch collar, shock collar, electric collar, or any similar article at any time.
(h) Adopter insures that the dog will not wear a choke collar, except for the purpose of training, and then only under the guidance of a professional dog trainer. Said choke collar will not be worn by the dog unless the dog is on lead, supervised by and under the owner/handler's control.
(i) Adopter insures that unless the dog is crated, on lead, supervised by and under the Adopter/handler's control, the dog will wear a leather or nylon flat buckle collar or a properly fitted Martingale (limited slip). The IMPS identification tag issued to the dog will be affixed to the dog at all times. The dog shall also wear required rabies and dog license tags and a tag or plate containing the Adopter's name, telephone number and/or address.
(j) Adopter insures that the dog will not be allowed off lead in open spaces which are not fenced. Use of a long line is acceptable in such a circumstance IF the line is not attached to a tree or other fixed object.
(k) Adopter insures that the dog will not be tethered or chained at any time.
(l) Adopter warrants that the dog will live only inside the main living quarters of Adopter's residence with Adopter, as a family member and companion, and not as a working or guard dog. The dog shall not be kept in a kennel environment except (a) when hospitalization is necessary or (b) when brief, temporary boarding is necessary due to the illness or absence of the Adopter. The dog will not be kept outdoors during the Adopter's working hours, or at any other time left alone outdoors while the Adopter is not at home. The dog may be confined in a room in the Adopter's home at least 100 square feet in area. In all cases, the area of confinement must be climate controlled.
(m) The Adopter agrees to diligently protect the dog from exposure to harmful objects, poisons, or other living creatures which may endanger the dog's life or health.
(n) If the dog is outdoors for any reason, Adopter agrees to make shelter available at all times from sun, wind, precipitation, cold, and extreme heat. Further, at no time shall the dog be maintained in an area where its health is endangered by weather conditions.
(o) Adopter insures that the dog will be crated for no longer than eight (8) hours in a twenty-four (24) hour period of time. The crate shall be maintained in a climate controlled area. It shall be large enough for the dog to stand at its full height without touching the ceiling of the crate, and have space to easily turn around and to lie down fully extended on its side.
(p) Adopter insures that the dog shall not be left unattended by an adult with children under the age of six (6) years at any time.
(q) Adopter insures that under no circumstances whatsoever will the dog be subjected to cosmetic surgery of any kind. Further, unless Adopter provides to IMPS, at P.O. Box 176, Pinellas Park, FL 33780, the written statement of a licensed veterinarian citing a justification relating to the health and welfare of the dog, the dog's tail shall not be docked and neither shall its ears be cropped.
(r) Adopter agrees that the dog will not ride in the back of a pickup truck under any circumstances, whether or not in a cage or kennel or tied.
(s) Adopter is advised and understands that temperatures can escalate to a fatal level in a vehicle within five minutes. Adopter agrees that the dog shall not remain in any vehicle unattended.
(t) FENCING: The Adopter agrees that the term "adequate fence" means a fence which fully encloses an area suitable for exercise at least 100 square feet in size, and in good repair, that prevents:
    the dog within from leaving the fenced area by jumping, digging, tunneling, exiting through insecure gates, or in any other manner which does not require the consent and assistance of the Adopter or his authorized representative; and any other animal (other than animals which fly or travel through treetops) from entering the fenced area; and unauthorized persons of any age from easily gaining entry.

The Adopter agrees that the term "adequate fence" specifically excludes a split rail, electric, or invisible fence. AT NO TIME WILL THE DOG WEAR AN ELECTRIC OR SHOCK COLLAR FOR THE PURPOSE OF USING SUCH FENCING. The determination of whether a home is adequately fenced will be made by an IMPS representative, and not by the Adopter. If at any time it becomes clear that the fence will not serve the purposes set forth above, the Adopter agrees not to leave the dog unattended in the yard at any time.

(u) Adopter agrees not to relocate into an environment which does not conform to the terms of this contract. Adopter agrees to notify IMPS in writing and telephonically as soon as Adopter knows that such a relocation will occur.
(v) Adopter agrees that IMPS shall have the right to enter Adopter's premises to inspect the dog's condition and environment during the entire lifespan of the dog.



The Adopter agrees to notify IMPS no less than ten (10) business days prior to change of address, of a change in address of the Adopter and/or a change of environment that will affect the dog. Adopter agrees to permit a home visit at the new address of residence by an IMPS representative if a change of address occurs.


Adopter agrees to notify IMPS in writing within five (5) business days after any incident involving animal control and/or citizen complaints concerning the dog.


Adopter(s) understands and agrees that upon the upon the death of the last surviving Adopter, all of the Adopters interest reverts to IMPS, and that Adopter possesses no interest in the dog which can be transferred, devised, or bequeathed, and that any attempt to do so shall be deemed a fraudulent and void transfer of the dog. Adopter agrees to give a copy of this contract along with explicit instructions and complete understanding to a person outside of the immediate Adopter(s) family residing in the household with the Adopter(s) and any siblings, spouses, issue, friends or renters, who will maintain responsibility for the dog in the event of the death of the last surviving Adopter. Adopter agrees to instruct this representative to contact IMPS by calling 1-877-MINPIN1 AND by writing to IMPS, Inc., P.O. Box 176, Pinellas Park, FL 33780 upon the death or anticipated imminent death of the last surviving Adopter. Adopter agrees that said representative shall be instructed to, and shall have all necessary legal authority to, take possession of the dog and surrender the dog to a representative designated by IMPS. Said representative shall be entitled to apply to adopt said dog under procedures, terms, and conditions available to members of the public, but shall have no entitlement to adoption of the dog.

Likewise, in the event of the death, disability, or unwillingness to perform hereunder of Adopter's representative, the Adopter agrees to designate another representative outside the home to who is willing and able to perform the duties required under this paragraph. Adopter agrees that adopter's estate shall be responsible for all costs incurred in returning said dog to IMPS.


Adopter further agrees to desist from giving, adopting, loaning, fostering, selling, trading, swapping, abandoning, surrendering or otherwise disposing of or destroying the dog in any manner whatsoever or to any entity whatsoever, unless the dog suffers a catastrophic injury AND Adopter produces a written statement by a licensed veterinarian that he/she had examined the dog and euthanasia was immediately required to prevent unrelievable suffering. If the dog becomes lost, seriously injured, and/or permanently disfigured, or for any reason the dog dies, IMPS must be notified in writing within five (5) business days. Notification of IMPS shall to include all veterinarian, animal control, legal and/or other documentation.


Any breach by Adopter of this contract shall, at the sole discretion of IMPS, constitute immediate forfeiture by the Adopter of any and all of the Adopter's interest, and/or the interest of Adopter's successors, heirs, or assigns, in or to the dog. Adopter agrees to transport the dog to the representative authorized by IMPS to receive the dog and/or consents to entry by an IMPS representative onto any premises where the dog may be found upon reasonable notice at any reasonable time to effectuate recovery of the dog. The Adopter agrees to return the dog to IMPS upon demand.

Adopter understands and agrees that there will be no refund of any donation made to IMPS in the event of the return to or recovery by IMPS of a forfeited dog. Failure by IMPS to assert its rights under this provision shall not constitute a waiver by IMPS of said rights.

Please note any check returned to IMPS for insufficient funds is considered to be a breach of contract and will be turned over to a Recovery Representative for collection.


Adopter acknowledges that IMPS has invested substantial monies, both specifically allocable to this dog and otherwise, and agrees that a requirement of a specific accounting for the costs incurred for the purpose of rescuing, fostering, and rehabilitating, and if necessary, recovering, the dog would be onerous.

Adopter therefore agrees that if the Adopter fails to return the dog to IMPS upon demand, Adopter shall pay to Internet Miniature Pinscher Service, Inc. liquidated damages in the amount of five hundred dollars ($500.00). Said liquidated damages shall be paid to IMPS whether or not IMPS is able to recover the dog through other channels. Adopter further agrees to reimburse IMPS for necessary costs and attorneys fees expended to recover the dog, as well as the aforesaid liquidated damages, if the dog is disposed of in any manner by Adopter, or is not returned to IMPS by Adopter upon demand pursuant to paragraph 13 of this contract.


Adopter agrees that any and all costs, expenses and/or attorneys fees incurred by IMPS to enforce this agreement and/or to recover the dog from Adopter because of Adopter's failure to comply with any term of this agreement shall be paid by Adopter. Adopter agrees that IMPS is not responsible for any such costs or expenses of Adopter.


Any written notification by Adopter required by this contract shall be made by United States mail; postage prepaid, to IMPS, Inc., P.O. Box 176, Pinellas Park, FL 33780. Any telephonic notification by Adopter required by this contract shall be made by calling 1-877-MINPIN1 and leaving an explicit message regarding the reason for the call. Written or oral notifications shall include the dogs name as reflected on this contract, as amended, the dogs current IMPS tag number, and the Adopters name and address. If the Adopter does not receive a response to a telephonic notification from an IMPS representative within three (3) calendar days, the Adopter shall make a written notification in the manner set forth in this paragraph.


This dog (IMPS representative check one and initial) _______IS  ________IS NOT subject to this provision.

The Adopter agrees to enroll the dog in and diligently attend with the dog an obedience class within six (6) months of the date of this contract. The Adopter agrees to participate in the classes with the dog. Satisfaction of this clause requires completion of the obedience course by the Adopter and the dog. A certificate reflecting the dog's satisfactory completion of the course shall be provided to IMPS at P.O. Box 176, Pinellas Park, FL 33780 within ten (10) business days after completion of the course. The dog's residence and domicile shall be the Adopters home at all times. Puppies shall not attend obedience class until all required DA2PP vaccinations have been administered.



Signed this _____ day of ____________, in the year ________.

Adopter(s) Signature(s): _____________________________________________________________
(You must be of legal age in your state to sign this contract)
Adopter's Address: _____________________________________________________________
City: _____________________________________________________________
State,Zip,Code: _____________________________________________________________
Home Phone: _____________________________________________________________
Work Phone: _____________________________________________________________
Email Address: _____________________________________________________________
Date of Birth: _____________________________________________________________
Photo ID type and number: _____________________________________________________________
IMPS Representative's Signature: _____________________________________________________________
IMPS Representative's Phone: _____________________________________________________________

IMPS requires a hard copy of this form, complete with signatures certifying the above information.

Please print & neatly complete this form, then mail to your IMPS Regional Coordinator.